What sport are you specialised in?

Surf Life Saving

Can you describe a typical training day?

A typical day of training begins at 5:00 in the morning when I head off to swimming, usually followed by a gym or run set then off to work during the day then back down to the beach for a board or ski session in the afternoon.

What is your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement would be my U19 Australian Title in the Iron Woman closely followed by a 3rd In the 2023 Aussies Open Swim Final.

Tell us about your favourite training session and discipline?

My favourite session would have to be ski, but my favourite leg of an Iron would be the swim leg.

What do you do outside of SLS?

Outside of SLS I am a primary school teacher. I also love to spend time with friends and family going on camping trips in the off season of racing.

What Kozii do you like to wear?

My all-time favourite Kozii’s to wear would have to be the Elite Bind. They are perfect for all training sessions and never cause any issues.

How do you feel when you wear Kozii swimwear?

When I wear my Kozii swimwear I feel comfortable and confident in my body and never have to worry about chafe or being uncomfortable when I train.

What is your favourite thing to do in Kozii Swimwear?

My favourite thing to do in my Kozii Swimwear would have to be training in them everyday showing off all the different patterns and colours available. My mum would say my favourite thing to do is display them around the house on as much furniture as possible for them to dry.

What do you like about the new style the Elite X?

 The new Elite X wasn't my first pick however, after trying it on and training in it I felt super comfortable and was happy with the way it fit to my body giving me that streamline look and making me feel even more comfortable in the water.

Describe Kozii Swimwear in three words:

  • Comfortable
  •  Stylish
  • Affordable

How does it feel to fly the flag for Kozii swimwear?

It is an absolute honour to represent Kozii Swimwear as I back the quality of the garments 100% and love the family-built company culture.

What Kozii’s do you have in your closet?

It’s no secret that I love Kozii swimwear, so I believe I have nearly every piece in my closet.

And finally, what do you like in your Acai bowls as we have seen some incredible ones featured on your Instagram!

It may seem controversial but absolutely no banana goes on my Acai bowls, strictly strawberries, watermelon and maybe some Nutella here and there.


April 15, 2024