What sport are you specialised in?
I’m a surf boat rower in Surf Lifesaving 

Can you describe a typical training day?
An Early wake up for a row, starting then session off with technique work and building into some efforts. Hopefully catch a few waves at the end of our session! 
Followed by either a well earned coffee and breakfast with the crew, or a cheeky warm down jog. Then finishing off the day with an ergo (rowing machine) and gym session. 

Tell us about your favourite training session and discipline?
My favourite training session would have to be a beach row, going in and out of the surf break. Definitely beats land-based training sessions! 

What achievement are you most proud of?
Ooo this would have to be my first U19 female surf boat Aussie gold. The swell was absolutely massive, and it wasn’t a row for the faint hearted. the events leading up to our win were also unforgettable.

What Kozii do you like to wear?
Coming from the surf boats I love a bikini. 
I’m a Brea fan in the bottoms and it’s a hard pick for the top. I would say either the Lanii top or the new Heidii top.

How do you feel when you wear Kozii swimwear?
I feel confident, supportive, and ready to rumble. 

What is your favourite thing to do in Kozii Swimwear?
I love going for a surf in my Kozii’s, they’re supportive and they’re not going anywhere when I paddle through the break. 

What do you like about the new style the Elite X?
I love the thinner straps and the more open back… the tan lines aren’t as bad ;) 

Describe Kozii Swimwear in three words

1)  vibrant 

2)  supportive 

3)  comfortable 

How does it feel to fly the flag for Kozii swimwear?
I love being able to represent Kozii and be a part of their team. Everyone involved is so genuine and supportive and it’s great to be a part of the Kozii family 

Where can we find you training in your Kozii Swimwear?
You’ll catch me around the Currumbin Vikings surf lifesaving club! 

What Kozii’s do you have in your closet?
This is a hard one hahaha I actually have a big bucket with almost 6 seasons worth of Kozii’s haha. My all-time favourite is the Maui print. 

If you could give any young girls some words of wisdom in regard to body confidence, what would it be?
Never be afraid to rock your own style :) 

How long have you been wearing Kozii?
I’ve been wearing Kozii’s since 2018! This is my sixth season wearing Kozii! 


April 15, 2024