Surf Life Saving at Burleigh Heads Mowbray Park SLSC

What do you love about your chosen sport?

I love being at the beach everyday and catching waves in the surf. I love the team bond that we form at Burleigh as we train together every morning and afternoon.

How old are you and what age group do you compete in?

I am 17 and I race as a first year U19

Can you describe a typical training day?

A typical day consists of a swim set in the pool in the in the morning and a either a ski/run or board/gym or iron session in the afternoon.

What is the achievement you are most proud of?

  • Australian 2km beach run champion
  • 4th overall in the Nutri-grain next gen series 2024 where I placed 2nd in round 2 by a sprint finish. I was also at the bottom of the age group.
  • I am also proud of medals we have got at both state and Aussies in ski relay, board relay, beach run relay, Taplin and board rescue

Tell us about your favourite training session and discipline?

My favourite session is irons as it incorporates a little bit of everything and allows you to challenge all your skills in the surf.  I have always loved the board leg.

Fuelling your body would be important for big days of training and racing. Do you have any   go to meals or snacks to get you through long days?

Scrambled eggs on toast and a smoothie is my go to breakfast after swimming to set me up for the day and some type of pasta/rice for lunch/dinner. Sushi is always my go to on race day.

What Kozii do you like to wear? Do you prefer prints or plains? Do you have specific Kozii’s you like to wear at the beach or pool?

  • I love to wear the CT Elite Bind 1 piece for pool and the Elite Bind 1 piece in the surf. I love bright colours and fun patterns
  • I have always raced in the surf the black strapii one piece or CT black Elite Bind 1 piece

How do you feel when you wear Kozii swimwear?

I feel comfy and confident in my Kozii’s and love that I can do a full hard training session without having to worry about my swimmers. It stays in place for a full session even in the biggest of surf. The fun colours and patterns motivate me to train every day.

Describe Kozii Swimwear in three words:

  • Comfy
  • Durable
  • Fun

Where can we find you training in your Kozii Swimwear?

 In the pool and in the surf at Burleigh Surf Club

How many Kozii’s do you have in your closet?


What are your goals for 2024 and a larger future goal you have for your sporting career?

  • Make the Nutri-grain iron series – I’d love to win the next gen series in 2025
  • Win the Iron and board race at Aussies 

It’s always good to have a few side hobbies from your sport. Can you tell us what they are?

I love hanging out with my friends and watching the sunset. One of my hobbies in my down time is making string bracelets.

If you could give any other girls some words of wisdom about training hard and chasing their goals what would it be?

If you love what you do and are prepared to work hard then you can achieve anything. Find a great squad of people who you love training with because it makes the early mornings long sessions so much easier.


April 15, 2024